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Thursday, 18 July 2013

How to install SIMPUSTAKA V1.1 Rilis 18-07-2013

Free Download Firmware and Flashing Tutorial Lihat di SINI

Alhamdulillaah SIMPUSTAKA V1.1 also finally completed the application library and apologize if still acak2 late because still he he he for the first time, and thanks to all who already give suggestions for application SIMPUSTAKA V 1.1. You can download it here: 


then skip add. and download their program.

Okey immediately wrote to topic
The first step you should do is extract the files 2 times SIMPUSTAKA.rar then click setup.exe

# Then click Open change and create a folder in the directory C:\PERPUSTAKAAN 

# After that will look like the image below C:\PERPUSTAKAAN\ after that click install

# Then click continue and wait until the process is complete

# If the Specification Version Conflict appears like the image below then click yes

# And if the images appear like this also do not worry pal click ok and ignore

After Following these steps then you will see the picture as below :

Oops ... But there's more steps you have to do like this one:
In the package there is a folder db SIMPUSTAKA copy and paste all the contents of db folder to the directory C:\PERPUSTAKAAN\

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