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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Dangers rom-0 on tplink or router on your network

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You need to know, is actually very dangerous, if we do not know the dangers rom-0 on the network router or on your wifi network. Why it can be very dangerous ?

First : Rom - 0 is a separate room where there is a router or modem password encryption us , if you access the ip to access your router it will display your username and password to proceed to the home page of the router administrator

Well now try to exercise your own by typing in your brouser, like this : and look the file will be downloaded automatically, and then upload the file to the following address : and look at the top line. now try to enter the admin for username and password at the top earlier.

look at this picture :

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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Weakness on WEP,WPA and WPA2 PSK

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@ Weakness on WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)

>> Problem of weak keys, RC4 algorithm used can be solved.
>> WEP uses static keys
>> Problem initialization vector (IV) WEP
>> Message integrity issues Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC32)

WEP consists of two levels, namely 64-bit key, and 128 bits. Actually, the secret key in the WEP key 64 bit only 40 bit, 24bit is Initialization Vector (IV). Similarly, the 128-bit WEP key, secret key consists of 104bit.

Attacks on WEP weaknesses include:
Attacks on the weaknesses of the initialization vector (IV), often called the FMS attack. FMS stands for the names of the inventors of the IV weakness Fluhrer, Mantin, and Shamir. This attack was carried out by collecting a weak IV sebayak possible. The more IV
weak obtained, quickly found the key that is used

Get a unique IV data obtained through packet to be processed by cracking the WEP key process faster. This method is called chopping attack, first discovered by h1kari. This technique only requires a unique IV thus reducing the need for IV weak in WEP cracking.

Both attack and take over the packet, to shorten the time, the hackers usually do traffic injection. Traffic Injection is often done with the way the ARP packet and send it back to the access point. This resulted in the collection of initial vectors is easier and faster. Unlike the first and second, for traffic injection attacks, required specification of tools and applications that start rarely found in stores, ranging from chipsets, firmware version, and the version
driver, and not infrequently have to do patching of drivers and applications.

@ Weakness on WPA (Work Projects Administration) or WPA2/WPA2 PSK

The only drawback WPA2 psk and wpa is when a client connects to the AP where the handshake process, we can do the Force Gross will try one by one with a password that is obtained from the handshake. Doing Gross Force is done by using dictionary file, which means we should have a file that contains passpharase will try one by one with a handshake packet to find the keys that are used or can be called with a wordlist.


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